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Lightning Rods is handled by Edward Orloff of McCormick Literary, (212) 691-9726, email eo@mccormicklit.com

For anything else you can email me at helen DOT dewitt AT gmx DOT net, with a few provisos.

Corona times: My mother had a medical emergency on March 13, 2020; I flew to the US on the 15th and looked after her (with a lot of help) for 14 months.  My sister and I moved her to a memory care facility in early May 2021, sold her house, disposed of the contents.  She died on August 23 after an apparently minor illness, so we had many more things to do. We’re still numb. I came back to Berlin after the memorial service in late October, and since then have been dealing with the post-Brexit bureaucratic requirements for UK citizens. So please don’t ask for a blurb! Please don’t ask me to read your work! Please don’t ask for advice about publishing! (If you want to avoid the many mistakes I’ve made, jetreidliterary@blogspot.com is chilling but a good guide.) Please don’t ask to buy a pdf of Your Name Here! (It’s currently out on submission, so should not be sold privately.) And please don’t ask for an interview! Can’t answer questions. Headpiece filled with straw.

The film rights to The Last Samurai are under option to Tony Ganz of Wolf Productions. The current extension runs through February 7, 2023. The film rights to Lightning Rods are available; if you’re interested, Edward Orloff is the person to contact.

Other: I seem to get a lot of Friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t know.  It looks dodgy, so I ignore them. If you want to be a FBF, please send me an email first.  NB: I mainly go on FB to keep up with family, so I am not much of an asset as FBF.  You can also follow me on Twitter (@helendewitt).

Readers who would like to support my work (AKA the retreating mirage that is the shiny new book) can buy me a coffee at Ko-fi.com/dewitt

Need a hi-res photo for an interview/profile/other journalism?  Aileen Son says you can use the photo below provided you give her a credit.  If you’re a publisher and want a photo for your book or catalogue, please contact her (aileenson AT gmail DOT com) to discuss a fee.



I sometimes get emails from people who have a film they would like to submit to a film festival, or some similar request that would make sense if I had anything to do with the film world (I don’t).  The person these requests are probably meant for is Helen de Witt the film curator, whose email address is helen.dewitt@hfp.org.uk.