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Lightning Rods is handled by Edward Orloff of McCormick Literary, (212) 691-9726, email eo@mccormicklit.com

For anything else you can email me at helen DOT dewitt AT gmx DOT net.

Corona times: My mother had a medical emergency on March 13, I flew to the US on the 15th and have been looking after her (with a lot of help) since her return home from rehab on April 2.  It looks as though I will have to be here through the end of the year.  So if you need a blurb or reference or interview or contribution to a magazine (i.e. most of the reasons you might want to contact me) I probably won’t be able to help.  Headpiece filled with straw.

Other: I seem to get a lot of Friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t know.  It looks dodgy, so I ignore them. If you want to be a FBF, please send me an email first.  NB: I mainly go on FB to keep up with family, so I am not much of an asset as FBF.  You can also follow me on Twitter (@helendewitt).

Readers who would like to support my work (AKA the retreating mirage that is the shiny new book) can buy me a coffee at Ko-fi.com/dewitt

Need a hi-res photo for an interview/profile/other journalism?  Aileen Son says you can use the photo below provided you give her a credit.  If you’re a publisher and want a photo for your book or catalogue, please contact her (aileenson AT gmail DOT com) to discuss a fee.



I sometimes get emails from people who have a film they would like to submit to a film festival, or some similar request that would make sense if I had anything to do with the film world (I don’t).  The person these requests are probably meant for is Helen de Witt the film curator, whose email address is helen.dewitt@hfp.org.uk.