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Lightning Rods is handled by Edward Orloff of McCormick Literary, (212) 691-9726, email eo@mccormicklit.com

For anything else you can email me at helen DOT dewitt AT gmx DOT net.

Ahem…The Last Samurai was published in some 20 countries, and has been out of print in some 15 for over 10 years. I’ve now been told that it can’t be brought back into print on its own merits – everyone wants a shiny new book to ‘relaunch my career’. Isn’t Some Trick a shiny new book, you may ask? No, the shiny new book must be a novel. A collection of short stories won’t do. SO if you were thinking of asking for a blurb, or a reference, or an unpaid contribution to a magazine, please remember that obliging people over the years is one of the reasons there is no shiny new book that COUNTS as a shiny new book, and this is really not a good time.

Readers who would like to support my work (AKA the retreating mirage that is the shiny new book) can buy me a coffee at Ko-fi.com/dewitt

Need a hi-res photo for an interview/profile/other journalism?  Aileen Son says you can use the photo below provided you give her a credit.  If you’re a publisher and want a photo for your book or catalogue, please contact her (aileenson AT gmail DOT com) to discuss a fee.




I sometimes get emails from people who have a film they would like to submit to a film festival, or some similar request that would make sense if I had anything to do with the film world (I don’t).  The person these requests are probably meant for is Helen de Witt the film curator, whose email address is helen.dewitt@hfp.org.uk.